February is Dog Dental Health Month

Did you know that properly caring for your dog’s teeth and gums can add years to your pup’s life?  According to Dr. Jan Bellows, a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, brushing your dog’s teeth daily can extend a dog’s life by up to four years.  That’s four [...]

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Wondercide Interview with Cheryl Flemming

Wondercide: How did you get into dog training? Cheryl:  Well, after 33 years as a dental assistant, I realized that my passion was always with dogs. I had this very difficult dog named Fiona. She’s now nine, and at the time she needed some great behavioral changes. She was over-the-top hyperactive. [...]

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Obesity in Dogs

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net. A large percentage of the dogs we see in our practice are overweight as determined by the body condition score method. This scores dogs 1 thru 9. 9 being morbidly obese and 1 being emaciated. Visit Purina for resources and images regarding this [...]

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