Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Flemming, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Cheryl Flemming, CPDT-KA, KPA

Cheryl’s Credentials & Expertise

Cheryl Flemming is a graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior. She also holds credentials with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), the leading independent organization for the dog training profession.

CCPDT is on the forefront of the dog training industry – members must pass exams which demonstrate mastery of humane dog training practices. Dog training professionals worldwide maintain CCPDT certification as a mark of excellence.

Like any good trainer, Cheryl understands that making a great connection with a dog also involves creating and celebrating the teachable moments with her human students. Cheryl is positive, respectful, and very engaging. Cheryl’s special areas of expertise include working with dogs that exhibit behavior challenges such as barking, aggression, and extreme shyness.

She is also skilled when it comes to more common challenges like jumping, digging, pulling, rushing out the door, and chewing.Dog health and nutrition are extremely important to Cheryl, too — she is constantly updating her knowledge of these two topics.  Doing so gives Cheryl a training edge since a health problem or a poor diet often contributes to a dog’s mood and behavior.

“Dogs want to please us. That’s why clear communication with them is so important.
Once you teach dogs to focus, their behaviors change for the positive.”

~Cheryl Flemming, Certified Dog Trainer

Fiona, The Dog That Changed Cheryl’s Career Forever

Fiona sittingCheryl’s personal dog, Fiona, inspired the former dental assistant to investigate the Karen Pryor method of Clicker Training. A lover of all things canine since she was a child, Cheryl says she learned the old school force-based methods of training dogs early on.

When the over-reactive Fiona came into Cheryl’s life, being forceful backfired:  “Fiona became more hyperactive. I realized I needed to teach her to relax and calm herself. I started taking classes and learning how to make that happen.

“Using a mark and reward technique, Clicker Training, was a lifesaver. It turned Fiona around and it turned my life around, too.” Now eight and graying around the muzzle, Fiona continues to calm herself and is confident and full of joy.

Cheryl set out to learn all she could about the clicker phenomenon and became a professional dog trainer. She set up shop in 2011 and has since gained the support of Portland, Oregon area dog owners and trainers, as well as veterinarians.

“Every dog is a unique and I take the time to tailor a personalized training program that works for you.”
~Cheryl Flemming