About Cheryl Flemming

Cheryl Flemming is a certified professional dog trainer based in Portland, OR. Cheryl specializes in clicker training, with a positive and respectful approach. Her special areas of expertise include working with dogs that exhibit behavior challenges such as barking, aggression, and extreme shyness. She is also skilled when it comes to more common challenges like jumping, digging, pulling, rushing out the door, and chewing.

February is Dog Dental Health Month

Did you know that properly caring for your dog’s teeth and gums can add years to your pup’s life?  According to Dr. Jan Bellows, a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, brushing your dog’s teeth daily can extend a dog’s life by up to four years.  That’s four [...]

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January is National Train Your Dog Month

Five Questions to Help You Improve Your Dog Training Skills New clients often tell me “my dog is stubborn,” or “my dog will not listen,” or “my dog is stupid.”  When that happens, I ask five questions: Are you clearly communicating with your dog? Is your method of training positive? Are you fair [...]

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Wondercide Interview with Cheryl Flemming

Wondercide: How did you get into dog training? Cheryl:  Well, after 33 years as a dental assistant, I realized that my passion was always with dogs. I had this very difficult dog named Fiona. She’s now nine, and at the time she needed some great behavioral changes. She was over-the-top hyperactive. [...]

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Obesity in Dogs

Image courtesy of tiverylucky at FreeDigitalPhotos.net. A large percentage of the dogs we see in our practice are overweight as determined by the body condition score method. This scores dogs 1 thru 9. 9 being morbidly obese and 1 being emaciated. Visit Purina for resources and images regarding this [...]

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