Additional Dog Training Classes

Cheryl’s class topics rotate throughout the year, and may include:

Advanced clicker training

  • Duration on sits and downs
  • Distance sits and downs
  • Off-leash healing
  • Come when called with distractions
  • Out and about training

Agility Class

  • Right and left discrimination
  • Teach your dog how to pivot on a platform
  • Starting at a rocker-board
  • Going through a tunnel
  • Going through a hoop
  • Jumps

Tricks Class

  • High-five
  • Spin
  • Bow
  • Pray
  • Going through a tunnel
  • Going through a hoop
  • Clients favorite trick

Dog Body Language or vocalizations (lecture)

  • How to read fear in your dog
  • How to understand when your dog is shutting down on you
  • Difference between aggression and fear
  • Dog play styles
  • How to read when your dog is not wanting to be around another dog
  • Proper greetings
  • If you have a vocal dog, what is it saying to you?

Day Out and About

With previous clients dog visiting a park or the coast or other public dog-friendly environments. Includes lunch.

Contact Cheryl for Scheduling: (503) 318-8548

Cheryl with dog